Obamas utsending om antisemittisme

Hannah RosenthalUSA har besluttet å ta opp igjen sitt arbeid i FN’s Menneskerettighetsråd for å presse organisasjonen til å oppfylle sitt mandat. USA’s spesialutsending i saker som har med antisemittisme å gjøre, Hannah Rosenthal, holdt et foredrag i London torsdag kveld der hun blant annet talte om doble standarder.

Rosenthal also spoke about the use of double standards, which she said often implicate Israel and cross into anti-Semitism.

“Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment often overlap. It is important to note that criticism of Israel is not necessarily anti-Semitic, but it crosses the line when that criticism applies a double standard comparing the current policy of Israel to that of the Nazis, [or] holding all Jews collectively responsible for the actions of the sovereign state of Israel,” she said.

Hun pekte på tallmateriale som viste den sterke slagsiden i Israels disfavør.

The special envoy was scathing of the UN, questioning its seeming double standards.

“Looking at UN statistics over the last six years, where there have been negative remarks against a country, 170 have been against Israel. Compare that to North Korea that had eight… Israel has had 50 resolutions condemning alleged human rights abuses. Compare that to the Sudan which has had five. Clearly Israel is being held to a different standard and that means it has crossed the line from anti-Israel policy to profound anti-Semitism,” she said to enthusiastic applause.

“We will continue to see that Israel is treated fairly at the UN and in other international bodies,” Rosenthal said.


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