Artikkel på arabisk website: Israel er bedre for oss enn bin Laden


Den liberale arabiske nyhetssiten skrev den 21. februar 2010 en artikkel av den kurdiske liberale forfatteren Mahdi Majid ‘Abdallah hvor han han slår fast at Israel er langt bedre for araberne enn Al-Qaida. Han fremholder at i motsetning til terror-organisasjonene er Israel en demokratisk stat, og ikke aggressiv, og karakteriseres ved trosfrihet, ytringsfrihet og en kultur preget av fred og opplysning.

Al-Qaeda was established in the late 1980s, and if we look at its deeds since then, we find that it has brought the Muslims no benefit whatsoever – only destruction, ruin, and the recruitment of young people for suicide operations… Unfortunately, Osama bin Laden and the gang of those who speak on behalf of Al-Qaeda are deluding the [suicide bombers, telling them] that what they are doing will add to their happiness and wellbeing. You see, killing people, destroying their homes, and blowing up their marketplaces and parks, and turning them into heaps of rubble, are [depicted by Al-Qaeda as] the path to a happy and superior life.

«Al-Qaeda’s inculcation and dissemination of the ideology of violence worldwide, particularly in the Islamic countries, has given the tyrannical Arab regimes a pretext by which they justify their repression of their peoples, carried out by means of their security and intelligence apparatuses; whoever does not submit to [the rulers’] policy and crosses their red lines has diverse and unusual accusations leveled against him – accusations completely unconnected to reality – or  [is accused] of being a member of terrorist organizations…

«The brutal curses and invective to which Islam and its followers have been exposed since 2001 are caused by Al-Qaeda and by its misleading use of Koran verses, hadiths of the Prophet, and commentary…»

«Israel is a Democratic State That Does Not Use Force Except to Protect Itself from Terrorists»


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