USA backer opp Israel

USA var det eneste landet som stemte imot alle de tre Israel-fiendtlige resolusjonene i Menneskerettighetsrådet onsdag i Geneve. De tok også til orde imot det de kalte ensidige fremstillinger som ikke kastet noe lys over de virkelige ufordringene i regionen.

It was also the only country to oppose a UNHRC resolution in support of the Palestinian right to self determination.

In the last weeks America’s relationship with Israel has been strained. But in Geneva, the US took the council to task for its treatment of Israel.

«We are deeply troubled to be presented once again with a slate of resolutions so replete with controversial elements and one sided references that they shed no light and offer no redress for the real challenges in the region,» said US Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe.

«The council is too often exploited as a platform from which to single out Israel, which undermines its credibility,» said Donahoe.

«The US strongly encourages the council to seek an alternative to highly politicized resolutions and a permanent agenda item focused on one country,» said Donahue.

She suggested that this issue was best addressed under «a robust common rubric.»

Both parties should examine their own human rights record, she said.


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